Alphaland Corporation is keenly focused on integrating corporate social responsibility into all of our projects. To this end, all alphaland developments are planned, constructed, maintained and operated with sustainability in mind. 

In pursuing a LEED gold certification for our buildings, green building initiatives are  incorporated. Among others:

  1. Site
    1. Accessible through several forms of public transportation thus reducing carbon emissions from single car usage.
    2. Alternative Low Emission Fuel Efficiency Vehicle (LEFEV) Parking
            – Special parking for alternative fuel vehicles
    3. Landscape design to reduce heat island effect and decrease energy consumption
  2. Green interiors, housekeeping, and educational programs will be implemented with occupant well-being in mind.

Energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and sanitary systems architecture. This will not only help reduce the demand for energy consumption but will also reduce occupants’ monthly utility expenses.