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Biz Buzz: Competing to do good


When companies compete in the marketplace, it’s the consumers who benefit. Similarly, companies trying to outdo one another in terms of relief operations for Supertyphoon “Yolanda” also end up benefiting the survivors of the calamity.more >>

Ongpin eyes partner from Abu Dhabi


MANILA, Philippines - A senior member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi is reportedly interested in investing in billionaire businessman Roberto V. Ongpin’s property concern, Alphaland Corp., according to market rumors.more >>



It’s a 500-hectare sliver of heavily forested island that rises out of the shimmering Pacific waters as your plane descends for its landing, half an hour after taking off from a private hangar back in NAIA. The runway bisects the island and is also...more >>

Address to Impress


Hassle free, hightech and all the good stuff—Alphaland Makati Place has everything you want and moremore >>

The otherworld of Balesin


THERE is so much beauty in the world that only a privileged few can see. In a secluded private island in Quezon, less than half an hour by air, colossal Mediterranean-style hotels and petite cafés -- in the enticing colors of butter, strawberries,...more >>

Makati’s newest lifestyle and sports club has the most amenities


Country clubs became popular when people started looking for private places where they can spend their free time, and entertain family and friends with a variety of leisure activities. more >>

The City Club Opens


Alphaland chairman Roberto “Bobby” Ongpin and president Mario “Babes” Oreta opened the doors of the very exclusive leisure and entertainment hub The City Club, at the Alphaland Makati Place in the heart of Makati’s Central Business...more >>

Alphaland opens private leisure club in Makati


Upscale property developer Alphaland Corp. has opened the newest private leisure club in the metropolis, The City Club, an integral component of its mixed-use complex along Ayala Avenue Extension.more >>

Alphaland Corp. bucks on trend, focuses on high-end market


Alphaland Corp. prefers to set the trend rather than follow what other players in the real estate industry are doing. Industry IeaderAyala Land Inc. (ALI), for in-stance, has gone down to low-cost property development projects to mine the so-oalled...more >>

BizNews Asia: The Alphaland City Club


Walk into the City Club at the fourth floor of the 43-Story Alphaland Makati Place at the northwest end of Ayala Avenue in upscale Makati and you will find seven restaurants, each offering a special quality cuisine, from the exquisite to delectable...more >>