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Eight is Enough!


I got home from Event No. 8 just in time to see hubby Dennis arrive from his one event.more >>

Time to amend the 60-40 rule


Former Trade Minister Roberto “Bobby” Ongpin continues to amaze me. He is not new to controversies. Still, he remains bullish about the economy —despite the efforts of some quarters to throw the kitchen sink—even the toilet bowl!—at him.more >>

Alphaland earning rise to P1.88B in 9 mos


MANILA, Philippines - Upscale property firm Alphaland Corp. grew its earnings more than seven times in the nine months to September, partially driven by higher value of its investments.more >>

Ongpin property firm to build marina club


The property development firm of businessman Roberto Ongpin will build a marina club on the edge of Manila Bay, riding the real estate and leisure/tourism boom in the area being generated by the Entertainment City casino complex.more >>

Alphaland to build P2B yacht club


Alphaland Corp. yesterday announced that it will start building a P2-billion yacht club that will serve as the centerpiece of its premium self-contained, seaside community, the Bay City.more >>

Hot spots: Balesin Island Club, the Philippines


Another Philippine beach resort – what’s the big deal? The Balesin Island Club, off the east coast of Luzon, is not one resort, but seven, each designed to embody an iconic seaside escape. Jet-setters yearning for the Mediterranean will feel right...more >>

A tough nut to crack


Alphaland, the high-end and top-of-the-line property developer with chairman Bobby Ongpin and president Mario Oreta, is indeed unique. It delivers land on time, sometimes even earlier than promised to customers.more >>

Celebrating the scent of a beautiful life


Private planes, an exclusive, secluded island, personal butlers, private villas, black-tie dinner under the skies: It was just the kind of day evocative of the product that was to be unveiled.more >>

BizBuzz: Charity commission


Alphaland Corp.’s new Balesin Island Club resort is all the rage among the well-heeled nowadays, but that hasn’t stopped the firm’s honcho, Bobby Ongpin, from using some unique marketing methods to sell his project.more >>

Healthcare for Palawan's poor


MANILA, Philippines - Palawan, an island known for its pristine sands and picturesque natural beauty, is also home to more than half a million Filipinos living in poverty and malnutrition. The island has the highest fertility rate in the...more >>