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Baring Balesin


I heard accounts from locals of the Polillo Islands about an island in their region which you can spot even an hour away from reaching it, not by seeing the island itself, but by seeing a distant lush tree afloat in the middle of nowhere, in the...more >>

The Balesin experience: The world in an island


Manila, Philippines - What would you do if you had an island? One tucked between a mighty ocean and a peaceful bay, often visited by typhoons but even more often lulled by languid breezes, where the clichéd “crystal clear waters and pristine white...more >>

Why Balesin Island should be good for boxed-out Bradley


I’m not really a boxing fan but today, like almost every other Pinoy, I’m watching the latest Pacquiao fight. The hubby and our boys have dragged me to the big screen at the Alpha Tents in Alphaland Southgate Mall in Makati, where, like every other...more >>

All In Harmony


An ultra-exclusive island getaway that offers its members an unforgettable resort experience that is in perfect sync with its natural environment.more >>

THE CITY CLUB A Club Like No Other


Imagine a place where you can close that important business deal, train for an upcoming triathlon, or enjoy an intimate dinner with family and friends.more >>

Slugging It Out With The Big Boys


MANILA, Philippines — The grand plan, shares Alphaland Corporation President Mario Oreta at the recent Asia CEO forum, is to make a statement. “When we started Alphaland, Bobby Ongpin and I had the vision to be destination developers. We didn’t...more >>

Alphaland investing P2.5B in yacht club


Upscale property developer Alphaland Corp. is investing P2.5 billion in an “ultra-modern” yacht club, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2013 in the company’s 32-hectare bayside property in Parañaque.more >>

Beautiful Balesin, Exploring a Luxurious Island Destination


Who would’ve thought that somewhere, within the typhoon-battered province of Polilio Quezon, lies one island that will soon be a world-class destination? But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? It’s like a secret paradise. It’s not hidden from...more >>

Chairman’s favorite


The first of the six themed “villages” of Alphaland Corp.’s uber-upscale members-only island-resort project Balesin in Lamon Bay, Quezon—opened last April 1 in time for the long Lenten break. It was originally intended to finish in end-2013, opening...more >>

Alphaland set to complete 2 projects


Upscale property developer Alphaland Corp. is set to complete two multibillion-peso projects on Ayala Avenue—a grade A “green” office building and an urban leisure complex.more >>