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Alphaland to build P2B yacht club

11/07/2012 | By: JIMMY CALAPATI, Malaya

Alphaland Corp. yesterday announced that it will start building a P2-billion yacht club that will serve as the centerpiece of its premium self-contained, seaside community, the Bay City.

Apa Ongpin, Alphaland project coordinator, said that Marina Club, which will be the country’s biggest yacht club, is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014.

“The total cost of the club is around P2 billion. The breakwater alone will cost P700 million. We want to make sure that what happened along Roxas Boulevard will not happen here,” Ongpin said.

Ongpin said that the company is “funding internally” and exploring different ways of financing.

Joanna Duarte, director for Sales & Marketing of Alphaland, said that the developer is intending to sell from 3,000 to 5,000 shares worth "P1 million or more per share".

Duarte also said that the Marina Club is not only for boat owners.

"Members who do not wish to own a boat themselves may enjoy the nautical lifestyle nevertheless, as the club will also maintain its own fleet of boats, which members may use at a reasonable cost," Duarte said.

Alphaland Marina Club will maintain a small fleet of boats, initially five and eventually as many as 20, available for members' use at concessional rates. These boats will be crewed, of modern design, and feature many conveniences. Members may enjoy time on the water without the concerns of maintaining and managing a boat.

Ongpin is optimistic that the project will entice Filipino boat lovers.

"There's demand for this both from local and international boat enthusiasts," Ongpin said.

Ongpin, also a boat owner, said that with the limited berthing capacity in the country, some owners are actually forced to berth their boats abroad.

"There are I think around 550 Filipino boat owners. The Marina Club will have 300 berths for boats of all sizes," he said.

Also, Ongpin said that the Marina Club will employ "hundreds of employees" and will stimulate the local boat industry.

"The clubhouse can also act as sales office for the country's boat builders," Ongpin said.

He said Alphaland will partner with different manufacturers, dealerships, brokerages and suppliers, to make available both brand new and pre-owned boats.

The marina will have demo boats available for trial.

"We will create a one-stop shop that will provide all items and services necessary for boat ownership, including after-sales support. Soon, buying a boat will be as easy as buying a mobile phone and could be no more expensive than a second car," Ongpin said.

Marina Club's breakwater will enclose about 10 hectares of the western coast of Bay City.

The three-level clubhouse with scenic elevator will offer many dining and entertainment options, including five private dining rooms and is perfect for social and business gatherings. The design is so arranged that even if there are several hundred people in the club, there will still be quiet, private areas.

"In essence, it will be a full-featured country club on the water. Instead of golf or polo, the club is centered around the romantic sport of yachting," Ongpin said.

Boat owners will have a clean, secure, and efficient facility for their vessels. Entrance to the marina is strictly regulated, but it will be convenient for members and crew.

A 900-meter-long breakwater encloses 8 hectares of water, providing a tranquil, secure, well-protected basin with good maneuvering room. Every single berth is reachable on foot, and golf carts will be provided for members' convenience. Each berth will have a finger pier and a pedestal from which the boat can obtain power and water.

Access to the marina from land is through guarded electronic gates operated by keycards. Only club members and crew may access the marina. Members and guests may also have their boats brought to the floating docks around the clubhouse for boarding. Two service docks will be provided at the northeast and southeast corners of the marina. Boats may refuel, have sewage pumped out, and take on water and cargo at these docks.

The state-of-the-art marina has been designed by Joe Goddard Marine Pty. Ltd. of Australia. Goddard and his firm have had several decades of experience in design and management of marinas in Australia and the Middle East, including Dubai.

The clubhouse was designed by renowned Filipino architects Carmelo Casas and partners, the three-storey clubhouse of 3,000 square meters has an iconic design, suggesting sails and wind. 

Alphaland is a joint venture between the Ashmore Group, a private equity fund based in London, with funds under management of about $60 billion, and the RVO Capital Ventures Group.

Marina Club is their second venture into leisure projects after the success of the Balesin Island, a themed-village private island resort.